Medical Devices

A highly accurate tool for use in the examination of a patient’s stance and gait balance capabilities, compromised by problems occurring with ageing, vestibular loss, neurological deficits, whiplash injuries or orthopedic problems.



Service / Maintenance

The SwayStar ™ is a portable, instrument for the precise measurement of body movements in clinical use.

During measurements the SwayStar™ unit is strapped around the waist at the level of the lumbar spine providing unrestricted freedom of movement. Data is transmitted via Bluetooth to a PC or laptop to be evaluated by means of a reference database immediately after the measurement of motion.

Application: ENT, Neurology, Geriatrics, Orthopedics, Rehabilitation

The Balance Freedom ™ serves as auditory-vibro-tactile biofeedback system for the training of balance control. Transducers mounted on a headband provide on-line auditory, vibro-tactile and visual feedback on the direction and amplitude of trunk sway. The thresholds for stance and gait can be adjusted individually.

Application: Rehabilitation.