Attitude Reference & Navigation

Complex integrated systems

to measure static and dynamic 3D motion, attitude, position

with a range from tactical to navigational accuracy.

Inertial Measurement Units (IMU)

Attitude Reference Systems

Dead Reckoning Navigation

Small embedded systems with six degrees of freedom without platform calculation.

Application: Pig Technology, ROV / UUV, Robotics, Machinery, Drilling / Underground, Platform, Rail, Cranes, Agriculture / Forestry, Vehicle, Satellite; Training.

Tasks: Angular Velocity, Rotation Rate, short term Motion capture.

Integrated systems with six degrees of freedom and platform calculation.

Application: Land/Air/Sea, Underwater, Underground, Precision Machinery, Metrology.

Tasks: Position, Orientation, Stabilisation, Motion profile.

System of sensors, electronics, integrated navigation software.

Application: AGV, Mobile/Service/Cleaning Robots

Tasks: continuous Position Update, Path Adjustment, Navigation.