Consumption Control

Protecting the earth climate, ameliorating your safety, reducing cost.

Many motor vehicle drivers have, during their driving experience, internalized an inefficient, uneconomical and therefore improvable driving style. Simply installed into the vehicle, the GPS-based SAFEcorder® identifies driving behavior by continuous measurement of acceleration, braking, steering, turning and stopping maneuvers. These physical data are transferred to the PC, summarized and analyzed.

The Intention of the Analysis

Efficient Driving

Climate Protection & Cost Savings

is a reduction of fuel consumption and therefore CO² emission. This is possible without technological changes on the vehicle, simply by a more efficient driving. So everyone who depends on using a vehicle can make a contribution to climate protection.

also means economical driving. Continuously increasing energy prices make the car becoming a pricey affair. A reduction in fuel consumption and an additional reduction in other wear (e.g. tires, brakes) provide significant operating cost savings.

are not the only benefits of the SAFEcorder®. The system also pursues an increase in Road Safety, as only a prudent driver is a good driver! By the detailed demonstration of uncertainties any motor vehicle user may be trained to become a safer driver, thus preventing accidents.