Inertial Sensors

Single-axis gyro sensors and accelerometers to measure rotational and translational motions with a range from commercial to navigational accuracy.

MEMS Rate Sensors

Fiber-Optic Rate Sensors


Commercial accuracy class with high stability during operation, low power consumption, small housing.

Application: Robotics, Automation, Rail, Agricultural Machinery, Drilling, Training, Motion Analysis.

Tasks: Rotation Rate, angle, Orientation.

Industrial and navigational accuracy class of different sizes, for harsh environment.

Application: Pig Technology, UAV, ROV / UUV, Mobile/Service/Cleaning Robots, AGV, Construction, Underground Vehicles, Automotive, Agriculture & Forestry Vehicle, Domestic Shipping, Copter, Satellite, Training, Forklift.

Tasks: Rotation Rate, Angle, Orientation, Course, Stabilization.

Capacitive and piezoresistive technology, broad measurement spectrum, special solutions for harsh environments, application-oriented housing.

Application: Automotive, Medical, Oil & Drilling, Wind Power, Rail, Aviation, Space.

Tasks: Acceleration, Speed, Vertical Direction, Vibration, Inclination.