Measurement Systems

Multi-axes orthogonal sensor cluster to measure relative motions

without absolute attitude or position information

with diverse accuracy classes.

MEMS Triades

Fiber-Optic Triades

Accelerometer Triades

Commercial accuracy class with high stability during operation, low power consumption, small housing.

Application: Pig Technology, UAV, Mobile/Service/Xleaning Robots, AGV, Construction Machinery, Rail, Healthcare, Copter, Training / Simulation, Motion Analysis

Tasks: Rotation Rate, Angle, short-term Motion, Orientation

Industrial and navigational accuracy class of different sizes, for harsh environment.

Application: Air/Land/Sea, Underground, Precision Machinery, Instrumentation, Construction Vehicles, Drilling, Platform Stabilization, Rail, Cranes, Forestry Machinery, Aerospace, Logistics / Truck

Tasks: complex relative Motion profiles, Orientation, Stabilization, Attitude changes

Electrostatically balanced sensors with feedback loop, high precision, integrated electronics, serial interface.

Application: Automotive & Industrial Technology, Platforms, UAV, ROV / UUV, Robotics, Construction Vehicles, Drilling, Rail, Copter, Space

Tasks: Triaxial Acceleration vectors, Vibration Spectra, body-related Attitude