Our Passion: Inertial Technology for Industrial Applications

for the purchaser, the engineer, the project staff and project managers, the logistics, repair shop and the lab manager.

Various tasks. Identify the correct sensor for a new system, achieve the most cost effective solution with the highest possible performance, realize applications efficiently with suitable hardware and innovative mechanization, use and maintain investment goods over a long period, avoid obsolescence.

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Prior to the selection of suitable sensors and subsystems for planned projects.

From the initial concept up to the selection, i.e. during Design, Evaluation, Planning, Selection to decide to on the basis of sound information.


In the course of a particular project, when desired functionalities are be implemented.

This involves assistance in Design, Procurement, Implementation, Integration, Test and Verification.

Service / Maintenance

During systems run, receive their benefits through the lifetime, by accompanying Service, Maintenance, Replacement, Spares and finally Removal Management.

Inertial Sensor Failure Report (PDF)